Lessons from a Lengthy California Adoption Journey

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As a Southern California family law and adoption attorney, clients often ask me how long adoption takes in California. The answer varies and depends on a number of factors. For the Ziegenhagen family, the answer was almost five and a half years to adopt a pair of twins from foster care. A recent report from The 562 explains why.

Complicating Factors in Adopting from Foster Care

Mark and Janet Ziegenhagen first took in their newly adopted sons, Kash and Zayden, when the twins were two. The Ziegenhagen had been approved as foster parents the same day, a process that took roughly a year. As part of the foster parent certification process in California, the state tries to have applicants certified for adoption as well in case foster kids are unable to find homes.

Kash and Zayden were in foster care because of domestic violence and drug addiction from their biological mother. However, it took three years of legal battles and a felony conviction before courts ended their biological mother’s parental rights. At that point, the Ziegenhagen’s began pursuing adoption. But although they had already been certified for adoption as part of their foster care certification, the adoption process still took two and a half years.

Adoption Attorney Services for Southern California

Adoption is one of the greatest things any parent can do, and there is always a need for more adoptive parents. Even still the adoption process is far from straightforward. Even in cases less complicated than the Ziegenhagen’s, there are many steps and nuances from certification to completion. Ernest A. Casacca Attorney at Law has the experience to guide you through your adoption from start to finish. If you’re pursuing adoption in Atascadero or San Luis Obispo County, call (805) 466-5888 today to schedule a consultation with an experienced adoption attorney.

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