Does Child Support Cover College Costs?

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Child support is meant to ensure that children have all their needs provided for following a divorce. So what is different about college expenses?

The short answer is that Califonria law does not cover college expenses. This is for two main reasons: The first is that most people child support ends once children are high school graduates or over the age of 18. The second is that parents have no legal obligation to finance their children’s college education.

Including college expenses in divorce

Although college costs are not included in child support, you can still negotiate a divorce agreement which provides for your child’s college education. We can even help you set up a trust with your child’s parent to set aside money for college payments.

As part of this agreement, it is important to consider what types of schools you and your partner would be willing to pay for, how much money will be made available, whether the payments will cover tuition only or will also include living expenses, and any requirements your children must meet in order to receive the payments—for example maintaining a certain GPA or trying to secure scholarships.

An experienced divorce attorney can help

Like so many things in any divorce, a knowledgeable divorce attorney like Ernest A. Casacca in Atascadero can help you negotiate an agreement with your spouse that includes provisions for college funding. Because college expenses are not a legal obligation for parents, it is important to develop a practical strategy that will work for your divorce. With the right agreement, however, you can make sure that your children have everything they need to build the foundations for successful adult lives.

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