California Man Renews Campaign to Limit Alimony

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Back in 2016, Huntington Beach software engineer Steve Clark launched an effort to dramatically limit the duration of alimony payments to no more than one year—and even then only under certain circumstances. Needless to say, Mr. Clark was not successful. Now, just three years later, the Los Angeles Times reports that he is back with another campaign, this time to reduce the maximum duration for alimony payments to five years.

A “reasonable period of time”

California law says that alimony can last for “a reasonable period of time”, which is generally given as half the length of the marriage. However, judges can override this guideline under extenuating circumstances. As Steve Clark found out during his divorce, this includes a provision that for marriages lasting longer than 10 years, a judge can award alimony without setting an end date. That situation led to Clark being ordered to pay his ex-wife $1,000 per month without no end date.

California alimony attorney

Mr. Clark’s case illustrates the profound importance of hiring an experienced lawyer for any divorce. In fact, it’s a great idea to talk to a family lawyer before you get married. A prenuptial can even establish the terms for alimony in the event of a divorce.

The legal agreements that come out of a divorce proceeding can last for a very long time, which is why you need someone who will defend your interests, like Ernest A. Casacca Attorney at Law. We advise all of our clients on the options available to them and the potential outcomes for each so that they can make the best decision. If you have a family law concern, don’t end up like Steve Clark—talk to an experienced Atascadero family lawyer today by calling (805) 466-5888.

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